Media Training (Broadcast, Print & Digital)

Media Training (Broadcast, Print & Digital)
Media Training (Broadcast, Print & Digital)

Our bespoke courses offer a comprehensive approach to both the theory and practice behind becoming a media-savvy interviewee. Whether you need training on being a media commentator, help practising your interview technique or tactics for responding to negative press attention – we build a media training course just for you.

As the 24/7 news cycle has increased demands on journalists, there has never been a better time to get your message out using the traditional media. Traditional media can be a great way to build your profile and gain publicity – and for free. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Many people are held back, intimidated by the thought of talking to a journalist, by fear of not knowing the ‘rules of engagement’ and uncertainty about what to expect. That’s where we can help – because we have sat on both sides of the camera.

All of our Media Training courses are designed by qualified training professionals and delivered by friendly, trained and experienced journalists who start from your learning level and work to your bespoke learning objectives. No prior knowledge or experience is required or expected.

Media Training Objectives

All of our media training courses are designed to:

  • Demystify the motivations of journalists
  • Deliver tactics for how companies can manipulate journalist motivations and requirements for their own benefit
  • Give attendees an understanding of the opportunities as well as the challenges of engaging with journalists. I.e. why bother? What’s the business case?
  • Give attendees the tools and confidence they need to get the right message ‘out there’ – in a stress-free manner
  • Prevent corporate clangers, mis-quotes, mis-information or the leak of commercially sensitive corporate information

Media Training Modules

Our FIVE learning modules include a range of different training activities including presentations, 1-2-1, cases studies and group exercises designed to get the most out of each participant’s learning style: Activist, Reflector, Theorist, and Pragmatist.

Choose your media training module:

  1. How the media works
  2. The Rules of Engagement
  3. Print & Web Module
  4. Broadcast Module
  5. Social Networking Module

We specialise in converting reticent media training recruits into enthusiastic media commentators!

“[Luminescence] shared [their] knowledge and expertise so generously with the group. It was just what I needed today! So glad I attended.”
Training participant


As all of our media training courses are bespoke, contact us for a personal quote for your media training needs.

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