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We illuminate complex concepts in a way you understand, value and which drives you to action

We turn ambitious professionals into market-leading luminaries and empower employees with knowledge.

We strive for those ‘light bulb’ moments for each of our learners.

What We’re About

Luminescence is a digital native. Led by a human passion for improving business communications & connections.

Anna Marsden

Lead Trainer & Certified Coach 

Co-Founder & Director


Anna is a high-energy trainer, coach and communications specialist. A social and structural thinker, she draws on 20 years’ experience to design and deliver training programmes across the varied communications field. In addition, she’s a trained Emergenetics®️ trainer, Barefoot®️ coach and works with diversity & inclusion professionals to train LGBTQIA+ allyship to support our diverse workplaces.

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Anna Lawlor

Anna Lawlor

Subject Matter Expert

Co-Founder & Director


Anna Lawlor is a highly conceptual thinker renowned for her pragmatism in bringing ideas to life. A former Sunday Times journalist and Financial Times editor, Anna’s 20+ years’ experience spans B2B, B2C and corporate content for multinationals and Tier 1 media. You might also hear Anna broadcasting her ideas on BBC4 or chairing panel events and quizzing authors at Cambridge & Harrogate Literary Festivals.

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What you can expect

Compliance Understanding

We are used to collaborating early on with internal compliance departments to ensure our campaigns and guidance don’t fall at the final hurdle. We  provide training to enhance compliance and marketing understanding.

Behavioural Psychology

Our strategic application of behavioural psychology and User Experience (UX) principles in client work increases ‘cut-through’ to drive higher impact and conversions. This means our tactics ‘lean in’ to core biases and shortcuts we all exhibit.

Latest Thinking

The whole team at Luminescence embrace a constant state of learning. From CPD-accredited courses or attending quality industry conferences, to informal learning such as sector-specific media and online courses, this means we bring to bear the most current approaches, tools and ideas in our service delivery.

Data Informed

From social listening to neuroscience-informed psychometrics, we believe in harnessing quantitative and qualitative data to underpin our client recommendations.

Our trusted family of expert associates

Karen Cureton


Social Media Trainer


Digital Marketing Trainer

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Our brilliant partner network

Our business model is to ‘stick to our knitting’ to produce the work we’re most qualified and experienced in, but to offer an end-to-end service for clients by drawing on select and trusted partners.

Financial/City PR Agencies

Web Developers

Google-accredited Trainers


SEO/PPC Consultants

Brand Consultants

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“At every stage Luminescence were professional, adaptable, inspired confidence, delivered to high quality and were a joy to work with.

Their work was top-notch.

I will always actively look for opportunities to work with them again.”

Conor McNicholas, Consultant Marketing Director
Publicis Sapient

Our proprietary process guides everything we do


This stage forms the solid foundation upon which all activity is built.

It’s about interrogating the brief, seeing how it fits with the bigger picture for the organisation, then moving on to research and creative ideation.


This stage activates and brings to life the Think-stage solutions.

It’s about stress-testing ideas and creating the environment to help them flourish. Action is translated into the delivery of a campaign, project or training.


This stage evaluates what’s working and iterates for success.

It’s about extracting learnings and refining activity/processes.

It spans monitoring, measurement, evaluation and, importantly, actionable insights that reignites the Think Stage in this virtuous cycle.

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