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Conversion Copywriting for Møller Institute Website

The Møller Institute tasked Luminescence with increasing engagement and goal conversions on its new website.

Luminescence is renowned for providing conversion copywriting that drives action. As standard, Luminescence uses a matrix of best practice for UX, CX, online copywriting plus behavioural science principles to increase copywriting effectiveness.

The Møller Institute is part of Churchill College, in the University of Cambridge.

Møller Institute

What we did

The Møller Institute identified three business areas it wanted to optimise for increased lead generation and conversion rates:

Meeting Rooms

Event Planning


Our experience in conversion copywriting ensured we spent some extra time interviewing the various staff involved in the delivery of the services these webpages were promoting. Too often a mismatch can occur between the client teams writing copywriting briefs and what they think the USP of the offering is, and the reality on the ground.

Rewards of interviewing staff ‘on the ground’:

  • A realistic appraisal of what set apart the Møller offering in the market
  • Clarity on specific target audience groups (especially decision makers)
  • Verbatim examples of customers’ praise/concerns/wish-list
  • Identified ‘hidden gems’ in the offering that customers loved but wasn’t being marketed

From the results of the interviews, we also developed a tone of voice in line with Brand Guidelines, but influenced by online reviews from customers.

To increase conversions, we treated each of the selected webpages as discrete ‘Squeeze’ pages; using user-experience (UX) copywriting techniques to facilitate more web users clicking the sections we highlighted.

Conversion copywriting is as much about removing any friction points from the consumer’s mind, as it is about encouraging an action from them.

Conversion Copywriting – Approach:

  • Treating each webpage as a ‘squeeze’ landing page
  • Enhancing UX (User Experience) for optimised online reading
  • Relocating and re-phrasing of Calls to Action
  • Applying SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practice
  • Copywriting of related, supporting web pages, such as Technology and Food

We also provided recommendations (outside of project scope) to strengthen the conversion process, such as downloadable ‘convincer’ documents. This is especially useful where the website visitor may be researching on behalf of some-one. A ‘convincer’ document they can download helps them to present their findings to the ultimate decision-maker.


Luminescence achieved a significant uptick in time-on-page, increased click-through rates and ultimately boosted enquiries and bookings.

As a result of our achievements with this work, Luminescence won a new contract with the web agency involved.



Increase in Web Traffic from new users to the 'Accommodation' webpage


Increase in Accommodation Bookings (conversions)


Increase in Web Traffic from new users to the 'Meeting Room' webpage

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