Luminescence has launched an integrated campaign marketing a pioneering new senior leadership programme for the prestigious Møller Executive Education, part of Churchill College, Cambridge.

The Explorer Mindset is a unique executive education programme, designed to prepare senior management for the extreme and complex business environment that the World Economic Forum calls ‘the fourth industrial revolution’.

The full-board residential programme aims to equip senior management, C-suite, entrepreneurs, and partners – especially those at an inflection point – with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources (or ‘mindset’) to confidently lead their organisations at this critical point in history.

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The Explorer Mindset programme is split into two Modules: Module 1 takes place from 26 Nov – 30 Nov 2017 and Module 2 from 29 April – 2 May 2018. The programme is structured to fit around management work commitments and provides a pre-programme personalised diagnostic, and inter-modular and post-programme coaching support and project work. The price is £8,000+VAT including all tuition and for full-board residential during both modules.

Tim Hill, Marketing Manager at The Møller Centre said:

“The team from Luminescence have firmly embedded themselves into the Møller team and culture and have inspired us to confidently differentiate this leadership programme from that of our competitors.

“It has been a very exciting journey so far. We are delighted with the creative concepts and their execution and project management under very tight deadlines and modest budget. We have had very positive initial feedback on the video and are looking forward now to seeing the results of the campaign and selecting 25 pioneering explorers for the first cohort of this amazing programme.”

integrated campaign luminescence furtherintegrated campaign luminescence deeperintegrated campaign luminescence moller higher

Developing the integrated campaign

Cambridge-based Luminescence is project managing the integrated campaign for an international target audience. Using the PESO model of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media channels, Luminescence has developed a highly targeted marketing communications strategy for Møller Executive Education.

Developing on the explorer metaphor, the campaign seeks to show a diverse array of leadership ‘heroes’ leading ‘further’, ‘deeper’ and ‘higher’ in uncharted territory, mirroring that of the highly complex, competitive and unpredictable business environment that has emerged in the 21st Century.

Digital campaign platforms include:

  • Campaign Landing page
  • The Møller website
  • Social media (organic LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)
  • YouTube – innovative promotional video
  • Paid LinkedIn campaign
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Display Network
  • Digital media advertising
  • Digital Brochure with clickable link

Print campaign platforms include:

  • Pop-up banners for around The Møller Centre
  • Brochure with special effect printed cover
  • A5 flyers / leaflets
  • Print media advertising

View the ‘immersive’ video

The Explorer Mindset promotional video was shot with a Luminescence associate film crew, using an ‘armour man’ suit that allowed for a first-person perspective while keeping the camera steady. Other, smaller cameras were used to attach to the Møller Centre bicycle. The 3-minute video was shot in a single day. Treatment of the ‘data point’ motion graphics mirrors creative used in the programme brochure.

Anna Lawlor, Head of Content & PR at Luminescence, says:

“We were thrilled by The Explorer Mindset campaign brief from the outset and immediately felt a complementary culture fit with the Møller Executive Education. As a company founded on principles of illuminating the complex, embracing disruption and being norm-defying, the offering of The Explorer Mindset programme immediately resonated with us.”

moller explorer mindset integrated campaign bannerintegrated campaign luminescence landing page

Anna Marsden, Head of Digital & Training at Luminescence, says:

“The media, marketing and PR sectors themselves are on the bleeding edge of digital disruption, the rise of socially-created information and the sea-change initiated by the millennial demographic; all themes inter-woven in this senior leadership programme.

“It has been an exciting and demanding campaign – working with multiple stakeholders on a modest budget and against tight deadlines – but we find that our team thrives under such pressures and I am immensely proud of what we have already achieved.”

Enquire about how Luminescence can help ensure your integrated campaign makes an impact, contact Anna Lawlor on 01223 850 359

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