A new event by our friends at Talented Heads will deepen brands’ understanding of the next generation consumers – Millennials. Luminescence is proud to be associated with such a kick-ass event.

Ripping up the rule book

Next generation consumers are already ripping up the rule book; these digitally savvy, globe-trotting and socially conscious Millennials are connected to their friends, brands and the world in ways previously unimaginable.

Digital natives – those born between the 1980s and early 1990s – are enmeshed in social technologies, comfortable sharing information and collaborating across such networks.

T0 help brands and their marketers gain insights into Millennial consumer behaviour, a new type of event: The Next Generation of Global Consumers. The event will be held on Friday 28 November 2014 in London.

Hear from big brands and trailblazing start-ups alike, bringing you the best ‘thought leaders’ from a breadth of industries and budgets to discuss next generation customer engagement strategies. The expert-led sessions will discuss the tactics that businesses need to be implementing now to captivate this enormous cohort of consumers.

Expert Seminars – Next Generation Consumers

Our buddies over at Talented Heads, a Millennial Engagement agency, are themselves ripping up the rule book on what a ‘digital marketing’ event has to be like. Expect TEDx conference crossed with a Tech City social crossed with traditional expert panel debates from some serious heavy-hitters; companies attending include Mashable, Maker, ASOS, Microsoft, Telefonica and more.

Luminescence is proud to be listed among the Friends & Sponsors of the event.

Anna Lawlor, Content Creator and Co-Director of Luminescence, said:

“We are excited to be associated with the Next Generation of Global Consumers event, organised by Talented Heads. It is painfully clear that brands are desperate to attract this vast demographic, which number around 2.5 billion and account for one third of the global population.

Unfortunately, brands risk missing the mark in tone, style and approach – effectively ‘dad dancing’ their way into social networks.

There is also a disappointing tendency for Millennials and Generation Z (those born after 2000) to be admonished for their digital-savvy, and diminished as egocentric selfie-taking sloths. More needs to be done to convey the entrepreneurial spirit, the social conscience and cultural benefits of a generation who have been shaped by the post-Internet world and who – make no mistake –  will come to thrive within it.

The demand for an event such as Next Generation of Global Consumers is massive and necessary – and we can’t wait to see what exciting stuff comes from it.”

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Luminescence commissioned Natalie Waterworth, of Talented Heads, to write this article – The Snapchat Generation Marketers are Desperate to Reach – about Millennials for The Guardian On Social Media Marketing series.

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