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Social Media Training for Lawyers

Higgs & Sons were looking for a training firm that specialised in delivering social media training for lawyers, a company that knew the industry and understood the constraints of working within this specific professional service.

As one of the largest law firms in the Black Country, Higgs & Sons Solicitors needed a tailored training session for their use of social media specific to increasing their engagement at networking events.

Social and Digital Media provide an exciting new business environment but one that can be daunting, especially in the compliance heavy professional services industry.

Higgs & Sons Solicitors
Social Media Training for Lawyers

What we did

Having seen Luminescence provided bespoke Social Media Training and worked with other law firms, Higgs & Sons got in touch directly with Head of Training & Digital, Anna Marsden.

Designed and delivered by qualified training and social media professionals, Luminescence created a bespoke social media training for lawyers that focused on gaining the knowledge and tools necessary to create a tailored social media strategy for events aimed at busy professionals.

The learning objectives for the session included:

  • Keeping up to date with current trends in social media
  • Understanding platform specific features, relevant to live event hosting
  • Identifying industry specific examples of good and bad practice
  • Identifying which industry measurements standards to aim for
  • Targeting the “right” followers
  • Selecting and reaching their target audience
  • Engaging with their target audience in the moment


“Informative, engaging and thought provoking, added value to my day job and Anna’s approach is excellent”

Andy Ball, Business Relationship Director, Higgs & Sons


Following the social media training for lawyers course, all participants had a better understanding of how to plan for an event in which digital and social media platforms would used.

The session gave Higgs & Sons the knowledge that enabled them to promote, engage and monitor future events.


Very satisfied with the bespoke training design and delivery.


Would recommend the training they received to other law firms


All of the participants were very confident they would be able to apply the learning from the session to their job role and business.

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