Social Media Training

Social Media Training
Social Media Training

Our bespoke Social Media Training helps your businesses put the social media pieces together and create a meaningful understanding of social media in the context of your specific industry and job function.

Technology is transforming the way we communicate, make procurement decisions and ultimately do business. Customers expect a more immediate and direct two-way communication with companies through social media, and they know their opinion of your company counts – not least because their voice is amplified online.

It’s an exciting new business environment but one that can be daunting, especially in the compliance heavy professional services industry. See our Content Marketing for Compliance Professionals.

Social Media Training Objectives

All of our social media training courses are prepared and designed by qualified training and social media professionals and designed to help you:

  • Keep up to date with current trends in social media, relevant to your industry
  • Understand platform specific features, relevant to your industry
  • Provide industry specific examples of good and bad practice
  • Identify which industry measurements standards to aim for
  • Target the “right” followers
  • Select and reach your target audience
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Plan good content

We know people have different learning styles and preferences when it comes to training so we pace each session to the participants and tailor the content to your business needs.

Social Media Training Formats

We also offer a range of format so we can deliver what works best for your budget, team and timeframe:

  • One-to-One (we’ll come to you)
  • Presentations
  • Small Group (<3)
  • Group (8+)
  • Virtual / Webinars
  • Away Days/Half days

“At last! An honest social media training that looks at the whole pictures and makes sense in the context of each business. Thanks!”
Training participant

Other Social Media Training Courses

We specialise in the following range of social media training programs (each within a budget and format to suit you):

  • Social Media for Executives
  • Social Media for the Financial Services
  • Social Media for Lawyers
  • Social Media for Architects
  • Social Media Management training
  • Social Media for Charities

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