Our Process


Our Process

Our proprietary Luminescence process guides everything we do.

Our Think. Share. Grow. model provides a structured, simple approach to how we deliver a holistic suite of communications services.

We live in a complex, inter-connected world and our process isn’t linear, but designed as a virtuous cycle. Our process allows us to deliver truly bespoke, highest-quality services that can cut through in a complex, connected world.


The Think stage is about planning what success looks like and seeing how this fits with the bigger strategic picture for the organisation.

The Think stage forms the solid foundation upon which all activity is built. In this initial stage, the client brief is scoped and interrogated fully to ensure the project team has a comprehensive understanding of what is required and of the client’s expectations.

With a clear brief and concrete objectives, we take our fact-finding and embark on the creative work of actively engaging one’s mind to form connected ideas. This is where the magic happens, drawing on a combination of professional experience and lateral thinking we generate a proposed solution to better communicate your business to those who matter, for you and your bottom line.

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The Share stage is about knowing what will make the endeavour successful – and delivering it.

The Share stage takes those creative solutions generated during Think and turns them into action. Even services that can appear to be transactional, such as writing content or delivering training, typically involves a broader skillset than one might think and may draw on a number of specialists.

By collaborating with our remote talent network, we draw from a deep pool of experience but without the ‘group think’ synonymous with office environments. Each discrete task that builds towards fulfilling the client objective is undertaken by a specialist in that field, creating an incredibly efficient workflow. Fewer snags means fewer delays and quicker client delivery without sacrificing quality.

It is in this stage that action is translated into the delivery of a campaign, project or training, triggering the Grow stage.

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The Grow stage is about learning whether our actions have achieved the success we wanted, and understanding what insights can be extracted from the process.

The Grow stage is the culmination of the process, in which the client’s campaign, project or training is evaluated, refined, expanded and learnings extracted in order to drive future business growth. Grow is a crucial stage, not a ‘nice-to-have’, spanning monitoring, measurement, evaluation and, importantly, triggering actionable insights that influence future decisions.

After the Share stage, there are a myriad of factors affecting how a concept, once delivered into the world, will be received by the intended audience. Through well-planned monitoring, a positive feedback loop can be established, allowing for live refinements and iterations where necessary. This further increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

With well-targeted measurement metrics, grounded in business objectives and reflective of the agreed brief, businesses can be reassured that the strengths and weaknesses of what’s been delivered are transparently reported and evidenced. With this information, a more accurate evaluation of success, of opportunity cost and return on investment, can be made.

We have found that a warts-and-all approach to reporting strengthens our client relationships and fosters an open working environment. After all, we’re all working to achieve the most successful outcome possible. By following the Grow stage, we encourage clients to reflect on the process and apply learning and insights to their future planning – bringing us full circle back to the Think stage.

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