Luminescence has revealed how to use the Cambridge Crowdfunding Scene to invest in the city’s start-ups.

In the latest instalment of its Cambridge Catalyst editorial series, Luminescence explored how the everyday investor can use crowdfunding platforms to reap the rewards of some of the city’s pioneering firms.

The piece acts as an informative guide for those looking to invest in Cambridge’s most exciting up-and-coming businesses but also engages the informed investor audience.

Cambridge Crowdfunding Scene – The Next Big Thing?

Cambridge’s economy is booming and the Luminescence team is using its top level experience within the financial press – including at the Financial Times Group and The Daily Telegraph – to help the city’s residents profit from its impressive growth.

The article brings together research on the crowdfunding industry as well as highlighting some of the exciting Cambridge companies that have raised capital through crowdfunding.

Luminescence also interviewed Tom Britton, the Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus who co-founded Syndicate Room, a crowdfunding business based in the city, to bring readers expert insight on backing early-stage firms.

His experience highlights several crucial factors that any investor needs to consider before backing a start-up firm with their own hard-earned cash.

The series, which is available on the Cambridge Catalyst website, will next investigate how to invest in property in Cambridge.


Bradley Gerrard, senior content lead at Luminescence, says:

“Cambridge’s economy is outpacing many of its peers thanks in no small part to its highly entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Luminescence and Cambridge Catalyst were keen to help those who live in the city explore how they can benefit from its plethora of exciting early stage investment opportunities.

“Our financial editorial experience means this article and the rest of the series can support every reader, regardless of their investment know-how.”

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