Luminescence has been highlighted as one of the Cambridge innovators in a new series published in the Cambridge Independent newspaper (28 February 2018).

Described by the newspaper as “a radical communications agency”, Luminescence featured as part of a 4-page special report – the first in a monthly series – that celebrates the city’s game-changers and innovators.

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In the article Luminescence: An enlightening approach to work/life balance, co-founder Anna Marsden explained how the agency was founded as a digital-first business. It uses the latest cloud-based technology to free it from the need for a traditional office presence, providing clients with access to best-in-class specialists spanning design, SEO, journalism/content production, training delivery and more.

Anna Marsden told the newspaper:

“We build a team around each project. We work with the client and can involve other agencies where we want to be working on different pieces of the puzzle. It’s all about creating outcomes, not just outputs.”

She explained that each client brief draws from the trusted pool of highly skilled ‘remote’ workers who consider themselves to be global citizens and wish to work flexibly to balance family and leisure time with delivering the same quality work they always have.

This means Luminescence clients are not restricted to the pool of talent available within a narrow location radius and can be confident that the team they work with are highly IT-literate, adept at using the latest cloud-based tools available. Many research reports have shown higher productivity and work wellness, and with lower levels of absence and disengagement among remote workers and those empowered to work flexibly on their own terms.

For example, the CBRE’s Smart Workplace 2040 research predicted a significant shift in how workplace flexibility, including the “ability to adapt work patterns to meet private needs and family commitments”, increased choice in “deciding where and how they want to work” and growing “reliance on an extremely wide network of experts in order to do their work”.

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