About Us


About Us

Luminescence provides award-winning Strategy, Content, PR and Training services to ensure our clients cut through in a connected world.

Following our proprietary process, our work solves client communication challenges, makes their firms more valuable and trumps their competition.

Why We Exist

Luminescence exists because high-knowledge sectors such as Professional Service Firms (PSFs) are the glue to our economy, trading in commercial intelligence that influence today’s business leaders – and those of tomorrow.

Illuminating the Complex

Yet, these firms can struggle to differentiate their messaging in a crowded, highly competitive environment, struggling to cut through to really resonate with their target audiences and stand out from their peers.

Luminescence exists to illuminate complex concepts for your target audience in a way they understand, value and which drives them to action. We turn ambitious Partners into market-leading luminaries and your employees into empowered brand advocates. We put you in the media spotlight – or control the glare. In training, we strive to create the ‘light bulb’ moment in each of our learners.

Engaging with Disruption

Internet communications have redefined the way we work, play, communicate and do business. The ripples from this seismic shift are as challenging as they are exciting.

The pace of change is breakneck, the demands of an internet-native generation are disrupting traditional ways of attracting new customers and employees, while an army of agile e-powered start-ups are corroding traditional client bases and re-drawing the rules of engagement. Internally, businesses departments are expected to collaborate and merge, employees are expected to be multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary ninjas, and cloud and mobile-based technology are changing how and where we work.

Luminescence helps businesses and their employees to not simply navigate this evolving environment, but to positively thrive in it. We provide access to cutting-edge thinking and approaches from industry disruptors and ‘thought leaders’ to ensure campaigns hit the mark.

We employ and advise on the latest technological efficiencies in communications, and marry creative problem solving with outcome-based data measurements that are Board-ready. And we upskill your people – from C-suite to ‘shop floor’ – so they are primed for this increasingly demanding business environment.


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What We Bring

Luminescence is a small but mighty communications agency, trusted by some of the UK’s leading media companies, Blue Chip multinationals and most innovative service firms.

Luminescence is a digital native, born out of a passion for improving business communications.

Luminescence Experience

With 850 years of combined experience in Communications, the Luminescence team are of course skilled in delivering our Strategy, Content, PR and Training services. But we also grasp the importance of business and inter-personal skills, which ensures our projects are delivered with concise meetings, transparent communications, sticking to deadlines and through an enjoyable, yet rigorous, process.

Luminescence is an award-winning agency. In 2016, it was awarded Gold for Best Low Budget (<£10,000) PR Campaign and was a Finalist in the Best Corporate and Business Communications Campaign category at the CIPR PRide Awards. In 2014, Saxo Capital Markets’ #TradingDebates campaign we contributed to was a Finalist for a Social Buzz Award for the Best Social Media Campaign category.

We let our work speak for itself, so please view our Case Studies.


We have long-standing, deep-rooted relationships with journalists, futurists and other industry thought leaders. This gives us unparalleled access to the trends and insights they have, which we are able to pass on for our clients to apply to their businesses and to enhance our campaigns for clients. By nurturing these contacts, we are also well positioned to make introductions and provide access to those who have the power to take your business or your career to the next level.


Our business model is to ‘stick to our knitting’ to produce the work we’re most qualified and experienced in, but to offer an end-to-end service for clients by drawing on select and trusted partners.

Our partners include an international award-winning design agency to provide our clients with Branding, Web Design & Development services and Marketing collateral. We also have partnerships with software companies associated with our services, including social listening and social influencer data providers. This means we can offer our clients discounted access to cutting edge technology to enhance their communication efforts.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • The Professional Copywriters’ Network
  • Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)
  • RAR+
  • Econsultancy
  • Cambridge Network

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Why Choose Us

It’s hard choosing an agency – Will they be a good cultural fit? Will they deliver? Do they have the right skills?

The right agency wins hearts and minds with personality and evidence of similar successes. The best agency does this and instills you with the confidence and excitement to take a leap of faith with their bold solutions that challenge convention and ‘cut through’ to deliver.

Positive Challenge

We think it speaks volumes that our client recommendations typically refer to our team’s approach as being “engaging, challenging and enjoyable”. We are passionate about what we do and, like you, want to enjoy fulfilling relationships with the people we collaborate with – all while getting the job done and excelling professionally.

But, equally, at Luminescence we believe your external agency should provide inspired thinking, a fresh perspective and gentle provocation where it can add value. ‘Yes People’ don’t inspire greatness. Luminescence is about reaching for higher quality and better performance in everything we produce.

Luminescence has a 90% success rate at winning business following a pitch procurement process.

Compliance Understanding

Compliance is a crucial function in many of the firms we work with. Specialising in professional service firms (PSF), we understand the role and necessity of compliance and, unlike some agencies, do not see the relationship as adversarial. We are used to collaborating early on with internal compliance departments to ensure our campaigns and guidance don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Professional Development

The whole team at Luminescence embrace a constant state of learning, from formal learning like CPD-accredited courses or attending quality industry conferences, to informal learning such as sector-specific magazines, podcasts and online courses. This means we bring to bear the most current approaches, tools and ideas in our service delivery.

Unparalleled Access

Then there’s the getting out there and meeting industry thought leaders. Providing content services to some of the UK’s leading media companies means we get incredible access and one-to-one conversations with the C-suite and senior management of the world’s most innovative companies, the brightest thinkers in academia and other high-value commentators. This unparaelleld access allows us to pass on their insights on industry trends and good practice to our clients, providing further added value.

Industry Engagement

We engage with our own industry to further understanding and raise the bar on quality. Luminescence is a media commentator (The Guardian, Observe, Investment Week), a guest blogger (Social Media Week London – SMWLDN, The Social Media Show), are industry awards judges (DMA Awards) and has supported The Next Generation of Global Consumers conference in London. We previously sat as a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Social Media Council.

Luminescence* was also featured as a Case Study in the Managing Growth chapter of New Business: Next Steps, published by Pearson in 2015.
*(Under a former brand name)

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Our Culture

Our purpose is to help high-knowledge businesses communicate and demonstrate their market leadership with credibility.

The Luminescence Mission

Our mission is to become the beacon for the highest quality and best-performing communications in professional services. As a result, Luminescence projects are synonymous with convention-challenging ideas delivered with professionalism and panache.

Our Approach

Our Approach is based on an unwavering determination to question the norm; “Just because it’s always been done like this, is there a better way?” (See Why We Exist). Luminescence is a digitally native business and this approach has led us to embrace remote working, building our workforce by cherry-picking the best people for the job, not just the best people who live within a certain proximity.

Luminescence remains agile by employing an entirely cloud-based CRM and project management system, giving the team instant updates and transparency across their projects and clients without a deluge of emails. This makes us efficient and accountable internally, and more responsive to clients externally.

We believe in providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive working environment so we can all enjoy the intrinsic nature of our work. We believe happier, healthier people with a balanced life bring more passion, fresher ideas and ultimately do better work.

We are committed to reflecting the diverse world we live in, and we believe in supporting charitable organisations. We are a listed training provider for The Media Trust, providing training across all communications disciplines to registered charities. (We were commended for our work via The Media Trust by Channel 4 Newsreader, John Snow.)

Our Values

Luminescence wears its values on its sleeve. We care about people, about being authentic and about maintaining integrity for us and our clients. We care about client outcomes, about surpassing their expectations and nurturing a positive and enjoyable business relationship. These are our five company values:

1. Be Passionate
If we don’t believe in it or have passion for the topic, we don’t do it.

2. Be Enlightening
Always strive to develop work that advances the industry through greater knowledge, insight and understanding.

3. Be Bold
If a better outcome lies at the end of a more challenging path, explore that path.

4. Be Colourful
We work in a relatively grey world, don’t be afraid to stand out.

5. Be Human
We live varied, multi-faceted lives of which work is one part. We’ll share this to build more meaningful relationships with our clients and team.

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