Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training
Digital Marketing Training

There are more ways than ever before of speaking to your target audience, with social media, blogging and pay-per-click advertising all forming a part of the modern digital marketing mix.

Digital Marketing Training Objectives

Our digital marketing training courses are written for you, specific to your professional services sector, and will guide you through the tools available to help your business grow its digital audience and increase your industry credibility and authority.

Examples of some learning objectives for our bespoke sessions include:

  • Is our communications strategy implementable?
  • An understanding of how to use ‘content marketing’ techniques
  • How to create a content plan template so you never run out of things to say
  • Where to focus the digital advertising spend
  • How to harness social media, blogging and digital influencers
  • Driving traffic to your landing pages with search engine optimisation
  • What does success look like? Managing digital evaluation and monitoring

Digital Marketing Training Prices

As all of our digital marketing training courses are bespoke, contact us for a personal quote for your training needs.

Other Digital Media Training

If you are unsure of what digital media training you require for your team, have a look at our training listings or contact us to speak to a member of the Training team.

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